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for Individuals, Couples, and Families

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A Bit About Coaching

The very first thing I want to say to you is this: you deserve to find your inner peace. If you've come this far, then you're here for a reason. You may be feeling stuck, lost, sad, hurt, confused, or fearful. But you're here because you're ready for change, and seeking therapy is a powerful step toward the change you desire. It may have taken some courage to make this first step, but you don't have to do the rest of it alone.

I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship, and I will work to understand you through your unique experiences and perspectives. I use empathy, humor, and intuition alongside my clinical skill to guide the work we do together. 

I have specific expertise in the areas of gender, sexuality, sex & intimacy, and relationship. I work with individuals and couples/intimate partners, and groups to uncover and remove blocks to authenticity, loving & connected relationships, and a fulfilling life.

~ Daisy E.

"Heather has an immense capacity for empathy and warmth. She is able to consider perspectives she may feel unfamiliar with in order to better understand why a person might be feeling the way they are. She communicates with compassion, empathy, and humor. There is never any doubt that she is 100% present with you when she talks to you."


I offer one-on-one coaching for individuals seeking support with a variety of issues. While I work with a broad range of people and issues, I am particularly skilled in the areas of gender identity & expression, sexual identity, sex & intimacy, and intimate partnerships.

Couples & Intimate Partners

Contrary to popular belief, partnership takes much more than just love. It takes work! I help couples and intimate partners do the work that is necessary to move through issues of connection and communication, sex and intimacy, infidelity, life transitions, relationship repair, and relationship dissolution. 



Coaching Services

Groups are a great way to engage in community support around a specific topic or issue. Often, meeting and connecting with other people who share similar experiences is deeply healing. The groups I offer are sacred spaces where people come together to share their stories, seek support, and deepen their understanding of the importance of human connection. 

Current Group Offerings

There are no group offerings at this time.

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